Caseificio LATINI - The company


90 years of goodness,

a family tradition



Latini family began its cheese production in 1923, when Angelo Giacomo Latini found LATINI FORMAGGI upon the amazing San Fermo hills located in Valcalepio, few kilometres from the city of Bergamo.
The good air coming from the nearest lakes and green meadows, are the ideal condition for the ripen good cheese.


In 1973 is the turn of Adriano Latini to follow his father’s the path to lead the factory with the same accuracy for the quality. In that period, the business grew on concrete basement paying attention to keep unvaried the flavour and freshness of those products. Now Luigi, Adriano’s son, follows that cheese maker the family tradition enriching it with tight and strict control during all the steps of the production process.


In 2009 the new factory, Caseificio Latini, was build in Grumello del Monte to underline the strength of how a passion for the quality become an enterprise well known and appreciate from over ninety years.