Caseificio LATINI - The ripen


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All LATINI products are known to be cheeses with a particular and taste, that is the result of an accurate ripen on wooden board named “scalere”.

At the first stage the product stay in cold room for four or five days under strict continuous control to detect any mould forming. Then, the cheese is transferred to “scalere” where it rest for thirty days, for taleggio cheese the ripen can reach seventy five days until the maturity achieves.

The ripen of the cheese is crucial: every two days approximately, the cheeses are turn up-side down and salted and only the man experience can define the quantity of salt and how often this operation is need.

The crust aspect: colour, surface, width and convexity or concavity shape, are all clues that help the experimented eye to decide the timing and the methods of the operations.

The efficiency of the ripen is directly related to the precious experience accumulated during generations.